Elevate your guest experience with our innovative TV concealment solutions tailored for the hospitality sector. Our range of TV Frames, Mirror TV Frames, and Moving Artwork TV Frames seamlessly integrate technology into your guest spaces, combining functionality with sophisticated design.

TV Frames:

Transform the look of your television into a stylish focal point with our custom TV Frames. Available in various finishes and styles, these frames add elegance and charm to any room. Choose from modern, classic, or bespoke designs to complement your hotel's interior décor effortlessly.

Mirror TV Frames:

Maximize space and aesthetic appeal with our Mirror TV Frames. These dual-purpose installations act as a reflective surface when the TV is off and seamlessly transition to high-definition displays when in use. Perfect for guest rooms, event spaces, and executive lounges, our Mirror TV Frames offer both practicality and luxury.

Moving Artwork TV Frames:

Experience the magic of concealed technology with our Moving Artwork TV Frames. When not in use, these frames showcase stunning artwork or photography, creating a gallery-like atmosphere. With a touch of a button, the artwork elegantly lifts to reveal the concealed television, providing a unique entertainment solution for your guests.

At Frame Your TV, we understand the importance of creating memorable guest experiences. Our TV concealment options redefine how technology enhances hospitality, offering a blend of functionality and style that elevates any space.

Explore our collection today to discover how our TV Frames, Mirror TV Frames, and Moving Artwork TV Frames can transform your hotel into a destination of luxury and sophistication. Contact us to discuss custom solutions tailored to your unique needs.


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Why Choose Our Concealment Solutions?

Bespoke Service
Tailor frames to match your hotel's or establishment's unique aesthetic and branding
Space Optimization
Maximize room space by integrating technology with décor.
Enhanced Guest Experience
Impress and delight guests with seamless technology integration.
Ideal for guest rooms, conference areas, restaurants, lobby spaces and even in the spa
Quality Craftsmanship
Each frame is crafted with attention to detail and built to last