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Can my televisions built-in speakers be used with Frame your TV’s Flat Screen TV frames?

What range of finishes is available?

Will your colours match my existing decor?

I can’t see a style of frame that I like – what happens now?

What is a dielectric mirror?

How much does the TV frame weigh?

I have a very large TV. Can you frame it?

What are the overall ‘frame’ dimensions?

How long will it take to receive my frame?

The infra red sensor will be covered with a frame!… Will my television remote control still work?

Is it easy to install a Flat Screen TV frame?

Can you give me any detail on the moulding?

How do I measure my TV for framing?

Does Frame Your TV call on me to help me chose a frame for free?

What is Frame Your TV’s ‘Returns’ policy?

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