Billing Terms and Conditions

Welcome to Frame Your TV. The following billing terms and conditions outline the expectations and obligations regarding the purchase and payment for our products and services.

Payment Methods:

  • Frame Your TV accepts payments through several methods to accommodate your needs, including major credit and debit cards, cheques, and direct bank transfers.
  • Credit and debit card transactions are secured and processed in compliance with the highest security standards.


  • All prices are quoted in GBP and are exclusive of VAT unless otherwise specified.
  • Prices displayed on the website or quoted by our sales team are subject to change without prior notice due to market conditions, supplier price changes, or errors in advertisements.

Payment Terms for Custom Orders:

  • Full payment is required before the production of customised or bespoke items can begin.
  • Customers are provided with a quote that will be valid for 30 days from the date of issuance.

Order Confirmation and Invoicing:

  • An order confirmation will be sent to you once your payment is processed, detailing your purchase and expected delivery schedule.
  • Invoices are issued upon delivery of goods and are payable within the terms specified therein.

Late Payment:

  • Late payments may incur additional charges or interest penalties at a rate specified in your contract.
  • Continued non-payment beyond the due date can result in a cessation of services and potential legal action to recover owed amounts.

Cheque Payments:

  • Orders paid by cheque will only be processed once the cheque has cleared.
  • A fee will be charged for any cheques returned due to insufficient funds or other banking issues.

Refunds and Cancellations:

  • Cancellation of orders may incur a cancellation fee as specified in our Return and Refund Policy.
  • Refunds for returned products or cancelled services will be processed in accordance with our Return and Refund Policy, typically within one week of cancellation confirmation.

Dispute Resolution:

  • Should any billing disputes arise, customers are encouraged to contact Frame Your TV at the earliest opportunity to resolve the matter amicably.
  • Disputes should be addressed in writing, providing detailed information about the discrepancy and any relevant documents.

Changes to Billing Terms:

  • Frame Your TV reserves the right to modify these billing terms and conditions at any time. Such changes will be effective immediately upon posting on our website.

For further information or clarification regarding our billing practices, please contact our customer service team at