Crafting Elegance Around Technology

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Innovating since 2010

Frame Your TV has established itself as a leader in bespoke television framing solutions since 2010. Based in the United Kingdom, our mission has always been to harmonize the latest in television technology with the unique aesthetic of your space.


Defining Elegance in Entertainment

Frame Your TV began with a vision to transform bulky screens into sleek decor pieces. From our founder's small workshop to a hallmark of luxury in home entertainment, we've redefined TVs as canvases that enhance and personalize your space.


Art Meets Technology

Tailoring viewing with artistic flair, Frame Your TV merges beauty with technology, crafting personalized frames that elevate your decor.


Because Every Detail Matters

Your Guide To Elegantly Framed Entertainment

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You've finished designing your home or business and everything fits perfectly except for that black box.

If you are style conscious you will eventually find that your television, although high performance and high definition, is a distraction from the design of the room and many discerning clients may find that they want something more from their television.

There is a solution - a solution that means that the television blends in with the décor and looks good whether the television is switched on or off.