Overmantle Mirror TVs – Louis XIV

TV Options:

The Professional Solution for a Mirror TV is our FYTV High Brightness TV, especially designed to be placed behind Dielectric Mirror TV Glass and can be incorporated with any AV integration solution.

Alternatively, we can create a Mirror TV Frame incorporating any other manufacturer’s normal TV. We can supply you with a TV or opt to use your existing TV.

Bespoke sizes: No project is the same. Louis XIV Overmantle Mirror TV frame can be tailored to your liking by adjusting the overall height, width or both.

Whether you prefer a grand and imposing presence or a more understated look, we offer the flexibility to ensure the mirror seamlessly integrates with your space.

Finish Options: Gold Leaf, Painted Gold or Antique Gold or Colour match

Glass Options: choose from different Premium Dielectric Mirror TV Glass Types to suit your decor and specs.

Louis XIV Overmantle Mirror TV – where innovation meets timeless elegance.

This exquisite piece seamlessly merges the classic charm of an arched top adorned with intricate ornaments, and the modern functionality of concealing a TV within its frame. Elevate your living space with a touch of luxury and versatility.

The arched top of the Louis XIV Overmantle Mirror TV Frame is a canvas for finely crafted, intricate ornaments, adding a layer of sophistication to the overall design. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, this frame cleverly disguises a TV within, allowing you to enjoy the latest in entertainment without compromising on style.

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Overmantle Mirror TVs – Louis XIV
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