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Mirror TV Frame

Transform your television into a stunning mirror with the help of Frame Your TV. Using advanced beam splitter mirror technology, our team of experienced and highly skilled craftsmen will ensure that the glass is perfectly clear and free from distortion so that you can enjoy watching your Mirror TV in all its glory.

With an array of design features available, you can match your Mirror TV so that it will perfectly suit any interior, whether it’s domestic or commercial. Our stylish frames include ornate, hardwood, standard and luxury iterations, however, if none of our options satisfy your tastes we can create a bespoke frame, specially designed so that it will cater to your property’s requirements.

TV Art/Moving Artwork

Bring your home’s decoration into the next generation and explore Frame Your TV’s range of moving artwork installations. You can choose to supply your own artwork in a digital format, or we can convert your favourite piece into a high-resolution photograph before we incorporate it into the frame. Alternatively, you can select an image from our expansive artwork gallery database.

Each painting that we animate is created from a special Giclée print which is then applied to an ultra-high quality canvas designed for continuous movement. Each of our moving artwork pieces is then protected with 2 coats of varnish to ensure longevity, which means they can last up to 75 years.

TV Framing Options

Browse our vast selection of TV framing options, ranging from our best-selling Everest, Barbican, Flatenium and Le Classico designs to our affordable and incredibly reliable assortment of Standard Basic, Medium and Premium TV frames. Each is configured with the same care and meticulous attention to detail to ensure that the final product is of the finest quality.

Our TV framing options are available in a variety of colours so that when you come to choose one, it will seamlessly match your space’s existing decorations and colour palette. What’s more, each of our TV framing options come with a 5-year warranty so you can rest assured you are covered if any unlikely problems were to occur.

Bespoke Mirror TV

Frame Your TV can now offer the most advanced and complex bespoke Mirror TV solutions in the world. After a series of consultations to find out your requirements, we will work right from the initial planning stages to the eventual installation of your bespoke TV to ensure that you are happy with the final product.

With access to some of the best installers in the industry, Frame Your TV can create and situate your unique unit in a multitude of positions and locations including bathrooms, saunas and hotel rooms amongst many others. To receive a quote on your bespoke mirror TV today, click through for more information.

Special Offers

Frame Your TV has an abundance of all-in-one special offer packages currently available for purchase at discounted prices. Easy to order and simple to install, these reduced units retain the same outstanding quality as our premium priced products and are still available with our 5-year warranty promise.

So, what’s stopping you? With reductions worth almost as much as £3000, you simply can’t afford to miss Frame Your TV’s special offers. What’s more, if you fail to find your desired deal, our special offers page is constantly changing, so feel free to visit again in the near future when it might have been updated.

Visit Our Showroom

Pay our showroom a visit to see all of Frame Your TV’s amazing products in person and discover the handiwork that goes into creating each of our mirror TV’s, moving artwork and bespoke units first hand.

Situated in Borehamwood, Unit 4 Stirling Way, Stirling Industrial Estate, WD6 2BT, you’ll be greeted by an expert member of our team who will be happy to answer any questions or queries you might have about our products, the manufacturing process and delivery options. To make an appointment at our showroom don’t hesitate to contact us on 020 8954 5213.

Frame Your TV is the World’s Number 1 Resource for Bespoke Solutions to hide and integrate a TV into any Décor
  • Dynamo Magician Logo

    Thank you Frame Your TV for an amazing product and service! When I get more TV`s I will definitely frame them.

    Steven Frayne
    Dynamo Magician TV Frame
  • Hamilton Bradshaw

    Frame Your TV gave Hamilton Bradshaw outstanding service in designing, manufacturing and fitting custom frames for all the TV screens around our workplace. We would happily recommend them.

    James Caan,
    Former TV Dragon,
    Hamilton Bradshaw
    James Caan TV Frame
  • Channel 4

    I appreciate everyone who works at Frame Your TV for making it a dependable, customer oriented company that provides excellent quality and service. As a fashion Consultant, I`m always on the lookout for design concepts and ideas. Frame Your TV products have been a reliable source for my home d`cor creativity. My clients are amazed with the aesthetic design and concept of my new TV Mirror Frame.

    Gok Wan,
    Channel 4
    Gok Wan
  • Yahoo

    We were delighted with both the unique product and service quality supplied by Frame Your TV. The TV frame vastly improved the visual interest of our display and we hope to include them as a permanent part of future Yahoo exhibitions.

  • Merlin

    We are delighted with our Frame Your TV mirrored frame. The pre and post service and the end product have all been excellent.

    Sir John
    Chairman of Merlin
    Entertainment Group
    Sir John
  • Unilever

    Creating the right environment is essential to our staff training requirements. The custom frames Frame Your TV provided were the perfect solution for making our TV screens part of the interior design.

  • Marriott Marble Arch

    The framed TV`s harmonise perfectly with the decor of our hotels, creating a co-ordinated and welcoming environment for our customers.

    Marriott Marble Arch
    Marriott Hotel
  • Premiership Footballer

    Now the room looks great when the tv is on and off! Thanks for your professional levels of service and attention to detail. Everyone should have one of these in their houses.

    Premiership Footballer
    Premiership Footballer
  • Thistle Hotel Euston

    Now the TV looks part of the Décor in our new Bar and Restaurant. Thank you Frame Your TV for a job well done!

    Thistle Hotel Euston
  • 60-Minute Makeover

    Its Lucy from "60-Minute Makeover", it was lovely to speak to you just now about your company "Frame Your TV" and thank you again for designing and supplying your product for the first programme of the series - we are very excited to feature it, as is the designer, Anna Ryder-Richardson.

    60-Minute Makeover
    60-Minute Makeover
  • Helen Boy

    As a developer of high end apartments, I have been a client of Frame Your TV for a number of years. I can only say what a wonderful team they are. Nothing is too much for them and they offer excellent service and quality whilst at the same time keeping to the deadlines we have to meet and are always price conscious and try to do everything to meet our budget requirements. I would not hesitate to recommend them further.

    Helen Boy
    Helen Boy
  • Pale Hall Hotel

    We bought Pale Hall in Snowdonia in Wales in September 2015 and refurbished it to run as a 5* country house hotel. This is a beautiful Victorian mansion filled with antique furniture and we felt it was wrong to have an ugly modern TV in the rooms so we commissioned FrameYourTV to make 20 bespoke mirrors which fit the décor completely and disguise the TVs in the bedrooms and library. We get much praise from guests for these installations both for their innovation and style.

    Pale Hall Hotel
    Pale Hall Hotel
  • Portas

    Working with Frame Your TV on our Westfield Mirror was a really great experience. On the day of our event, Frame Your TV had technological support on standby, and were extremely professional throughout. Their product was really well received and generated significant press coverage for our client, Westfield.

  • Rami Yacoub

    I'm a perfectionist in every way. So I look for perfection in every thing I buy. Frame Your TV were professionals from the second I decided to order my TV frame. Correction, calling it a frame is an understatement. It's a piece of art....

    Rami Yacoub

Mirror TV UK

Mirror TV UK - Frame Your TV has perfected the craft of television framing and is one of the only businesses in the UK bridging the gap between technology and art. Our Mirror TV, handmade in the UK, is beautifully designed and offers an array of stunning additions to choose from that will match any interior.

All of our Hidden TV frames are designed to the highest standards to ensure that they create a favourable impression for your TV. Additionally, our picture frame TV options will merge perfectly into your environment when not in use. With our moving picture frame TV artwork, your choice of painting can become the centrepiece of any room.

Picture Frame TV - By choosing a picture frame TV there is no need to choose between art and television. Our picture frame TV options will merge perfectly into your environment when not in use. With our moving picture frame TV artwork, your choice of painting can become the centrepiece of any room.

Choosing a Hidden TV Frame & Mirror TV UK: Why Choose Us? - At Frame Your TV, we only have one way of working with our customers – the right way.

Frame TV

Frame TV - It is common knowledge that a TV is often what ties a room together. However, it can be a challenge to find a way to integrate this into your room seamlessly, without it sticking out and intruding on your space. With a hidden TV, this can be made much simpler - you can have a TV integrated into your room without the need for a large bracket that could impact on the room’s overall layout. Whether you decide to opt for a mirrored TV unit or use a frame TV to hide it within a frame or flat against a wall, we will help you to have the best possible outcome when putting up your TV.

If you are looking to place a hidden TV in a space, it is important to ensure that it is integrated as seamlessly as possible, this not only makes it look as professional but will also help to maintain space in the room making for a practical solution, whether at home or in an executive space.

Here at Frame Your TV, our high-quality TV installations make a stylish addition to any room. We assess the size of the TV that you want and give you a personalised quote to ensure that you have the best possible result at a price that is adjusted entirely to you.

Unique Mirrored TV Unit - In addition to a frame TV, there are also a number of other stylish options including a mirrored TV unit. Whether it is integrated into a mirror in the bathroom or the focal point of a stylish modern living area, we can make sure that your hidden TV is the centrepiece to wow your guests in any room.

This is perfect for those that want a practical solution for their home. Our hidden TV does not intrude on the space that you have, making it perfect for those that have limited room as it can be placed within a storage space or a mirror to help you enjoy the entertainment that you love anywhere in your home.

Things You Need To Know About Our Company

Here at Frame Your TV, we only have one way of working with customers – the right way. We also operate with 5 core promises which we apply to each of our products, discover more below.

Our Hidden TV frames, moving artwork installation, and range of Mirror TVs are all exclusively handmade by our very own craftsmen here in the UK and are designed to perfectly complement your own style and existing décor.

Our team is comprised of some of the most knowledgeable and experienced installers working today. They can come to your home or work premises to show you our range of products and make sure the sizing, measurements and colour are suitable for your needs.

When you work with us you can choose any imaginable finish for your TV frame, Mirror TV or moving artwork including colour matching, metallic, matt and high gloss paints and one-off colour effects. Anything really is possible with Frame Your TV.

Your TV frame or Mirror TV will always be delivered on time, easy to install and easy to maintain with full, pre and post-sale customer satisfaction at the forefront of our service offering.

Get In Touch - Please contact us today for free advice on your options for perfecting your TV viewing experience and to find out how your TV can be concealed with our mirrored TV and moving artwork options.

What Are The Benefits Of A Hidden TV?

What Are The Benefits Of A Hidden TV? - There are a number of benefits to having a frame TV; the first is that we work hard to ensure that you get the results that you need without causing too much inconvenience to your everyday life.

A hidden TV also helps to create a professional finish to any room, allowing you to entertain when needed while you still have the living space that you need. Our experienced team of fitters will ensure that you have the best possible outcome with your mirrored TV unit.

If your mirrored TV is intended for a hotel room, we have a wide range of options which make it beneficial for your business as well as cost effective. With any hidden, mirrored or frame TV, we will work to ensure that you get the results that you want in a limited time frame, all without any damage, to ensure that you are 100% satisfied with each of your products.

With this being said, there are a number of reasons why you may want a mirrored TV unit within your living space and we here at frame TV are here to help you have just that. For more information on the mirrored TV unit that we can offer to you, get in touch and get the entertainment system that you desire today!

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