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TV Art – Moving Artwork

TV Art – Moving Artwork

Our TV frames blend perfectly into your environment when not in use

There is no need to choose between art and television.

With our moving artwork, your choice of painting can become the centrepiece of any room. When you want to watch the television, press a button and the canvas smoothly rolls back to reveal your flat-screen.

Moving artwork can be incorporated into any of our bespoke frames and our design advisers will be able to help you select both your artwork and the frame which will bring your love of art and technology together.

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TV Art- Moving Artwork TV Frame Examples

You can supply your own artwork in digital format or we can create a high resolution photograph of your favourite work to incorporate into the frame, or you can select an image from our artwork gallery database.

Each painting is created from a professional giclee print applied to a special canvas designed for continuous movement.

Images are printed onto ultra high quality studio canvas and is then protected with 2 coats of artists varnish to ensure longevity, at least 75 years. We use the finest ultra chrome inks available ensuring print is of the highest quality.

Artwork TV Frame
Artwork TV Frame
Artwork TV Frame
Artwork TV Frame
Artwork TV Frame
Artwork TV Frame
80 Inch La Classico TV Art Frame
46 Inch Moderisation Black & White TV Art Frame
55 Inch Surrey Gold TV ART Frame

Artwork Gallery

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