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Ornate TV Frames

Ornate TV Frames

Classical style TV frames

Ornate TV frames offer a stunning addition to any classical interior. These frames are inspired by some of the finest classical designs from around the world. Made to seamless museum quality, each frame in this premium selection is hand carved using traditional techniques and can also be gilded in 24k gold or white gold. As they are made to order, every frame offers a variety of custom gilding and depth options.

Add a mirror to any frame.
Make your TV a painting with any frame.

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Ornate Frames

Barbican Collection

Barbizon frames are named after a group of landscape artists, led by Theodore Rousseau, who were working in the village of Barbizon. They were part of the French Realist movement. and forerunners of the impressionists. They often use this style of frame to frame their paintings. In English we call it Barbican. All the patterns and corner orientations are hand made by us and finished to the highest quality.

The Barbican Frame can be used just as a TV frame, TV Mirror Frame or as a Moving Artwork TV frame hiding your TV away and blending it perfectly with your décor especially if your décor is a traditional or vintage style décor or if you just like something funky and impressive

Please Contact Us for Custom Colours and Custom Finishes including 24K Gold Leaf, White Gold Leaf & Silver Leaf.

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