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Hardwood TV Frames

Hardwood TV Frames

The perfect solution for commercial interiors & office spaces.

Every bespoke TV frame is created by hand to perfectly complement your interior with your own unique choice of shape, wood, colour and finish. All our frames are made from premium hardwood and finished in our own UK workshops to the highest quality.

Add a mirror to any frame.
Make your TV a painting with any frame.

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The Flatenium

The ‘Flatenium’ is a very beautiful frame for those who want a simple yet affective frame to blend neatly into the room’s decoration with subtle class. The frame has been crafted in such a way that when looking at the frame from the front you only see the face of the frame, giving the product a smooth and flawless appeal. We took inspiration from the simplicity of a basic frame and then transformed it into something much more appealing.

La Classico

A beautifully crafted frame with a round face and steps going inside with a special depth design. This is what makes this frame ‘La Classico’. For those who fancy a frame that is round with a look somewhat conservative and modern or you find that this frame just fits the style and theme of your property.


Inspired by the first TV devices that were created this frame gives a sophisticated yet clever look. Using special line grooves and steps the 3Dtional frame is beautifully crafted giving a stunning affect when constructed around your TV and integrated into your home.

The Modernisation

The Modernization is a frame influenced by the new 20th century frame designs which include curved and straight lines blended together. This frame gives and extraordinary look when built around a flat screen TV, compromising of a curved bottom and a sloping flat top. A frame that fits well with contemporary designs for those who ware looking for something a bit unique to compliment their other furniture.

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