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Our portfolio showcases a range of unique projects,

from luxurious hotels to iconic retail spaces.


Cromlix Hotel

Elegance Redefined

At the prestigious Cromlix Hotel, owned by renowned tennis star Andy Murray, Frame Your TV has proudly delivered a project that mirrors the hotel's ethos of luxury and exclusivity. We crafted over 20 custom mirror frames, each meticulously designed to enhance the unique character of the hotel.

Our bespoke creations are more than just frames; they are pieces of art that complement the elegant interiors of Cromlix Hotel. Each frame, tailored to suit the individual style of the rooms, contributes to the luxurious ambiance and sophisticated charm that the hotel is known for.


Chanel Flagship Store

Innovative Brilliance

At Chanel's Bond Street flagship store, we installed a bespoke 2.7x2.7 meter TV Mirror, made from special dielectric glass.

This project showcased our logistical expertise and precision craftsmanship, creating a dynamic and engaging display that enhances the store's luxurious environment.


Samsung The Frame

Bespoke Bezels

Collaborating with Samsung, Frame Your TV produced 40 unique bezel colours for The Frame TVs.

This project exemplified our skill in metal fabrication and finishing, meeting Samsung's high standards and adding a customized touch to their innovative technology.


Sandringham Palace

Royal Customization

For Sandringham Palace, we designed a unique artwork concealing a soundbar with Acoustic Fabric Mesh.

This bespoke piece, featuring an illustration of the estate, was commissioned by the Royal Family for a conference room, demonstrating our ability to cater to high-profile clients with exclusive, customized solutions.

Sandringham Palace
Nike Logo


Innovative Design Meets Iconic Branding

At the heart of Paris on the famed Champs-Élysées, Frame Your TV undertook a standout project for Nike's flagship store.

We created 10 bespoke Mirror TVs, each designed to flawlessly align with the store’s modern aesthetic.

These Mirror TVs, several in portrait orientation and all featuring High Brightness Displays, offer a vibrant and sophisticated showcase, perfectly reflecting Nike's dynamic spirit.


Pale Hall Hotel

Elegance Woven into History

Frame Your TV was integral to the transformation of Pale Hall, a historic hotel with a legacy of hosting luminaries like Winston Churchill.

During its renovation under new ownership, we crafted unique Mirror Frames for every room, carefully aligning each piece with the hotel's luxurious essence.

Our frames played a key role in redefining each space, marrying the hotel's rich heritage with contemporary elegance.

Pale Hall Hotel


We are delighted with our Frame Your TV mirrored frame.

The pre and post service and the end product have all been excellent.



Sir John Sunderland
Chairman of Merlin Entertainments Group


Frame Your TV gave Hamilton Bradshaw outstanding service in designing, manufacturing, and fitting custom frames for all the TV screens around our workplace.

We would happily recommend them.

James Caan

James Caan
Entrepreneur and Investor

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