Framed Mirror TV, Eastbury Hotel, Sherborne

We were tasked with installing a number of Mirror TVs at Eastbury Hotel – a charming boutique hotel in Sherborne, Dorset. 


The owner wanted to bring their tastefully decorated rooms up to date with TVs that would blend with the decor and complement the room’s theme. 6 Framed Mirror TVs were installed in total;  5 with a Driftwood frame and 1 with a Gold Dome frame. The frames were installed on pull-out brackets to allow for flexible positioning of the TV.  


  • The Driftwood framed Mirror TVs are a perfect addition in the hotel’s ‘Garden Potting Shed’ suites that resemble a traditional Victorian garden potting shed externally, with luxurious garden-themed accommodation inside.Mirror TV Frame - 32b
  • The Gold Dome framed TV perfectly complements the decor of one of the hotel’s more traditional suites.Mirror TV Frame - 32c


Our Mirror TVs come in a range of frame, size and shape options and are ideal for commercial, domestic and hospitality settings. They are a great way to hide a TV when not in use and to integrate TVs with a room’s theme and style. 

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