Bespoke Mirror TV Options

Frameless Mirror TV

All of our products at Frame Your TV are made to order.  Whether it’s a Mirror TV or an Art TV, each one is made individually with care and attention.

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Gym TV Mirror

In every gym there are mirrors and there are TV's. It makes perfect sense  to combine the two together to create a seamless design. Frame Your TV offers a bespoke solution to incorporate TV's within special dielectric  TV mirror glass  or a combination of regular mirror glass  and TV mirror glass. All our bespoke gym TV mirrors are done in house, from start to finish. We offer onsite visits and installation, if required.

Gym Wall Mirror TV with Vanity HR Dielectric Mirror Glass and 2 x Silver Mirror cut Panels


Bespoke Mirror TV Wall Kitchen

Bespoke Kitchen

With our kitchen splash-back you can seamlessly integrate a TV within your kitchen. This saves you space and creates that WOW factor for the kitchen you are designing. You can choose from a variety of different TV Mirror Glass Shades. We offer bespoke design and installation using glass that is heat resistant if above a heat source.


Bespoke Bathroom

Add sophistication and elegance to your bathroom in a matter of only minutes. An ultra thin TV is built  directly into the custom  sized TV mirror, so you would never guess there is a TV  hidden behind it until it is turned on and the television magically appears.

We are able to work with you on your project and  manufacture nearly any size, from small mirrors to entire walls.

Bespoke Bathroom TV

Bespoke Mirror TV Louis XIV Replica Overmantle

Bespoke Fireplace and Over Mantle TV Mirror

Frame Your TV offers bespoke  solutions to cover  a fireplace and incorporate  a TV within  a special Dielectric Mirror Glass. We can offer bespoke design and installation  using glass that is heat resistant. When off the TV will disappear within the Mirror Glass, creating a stunning and elegant design.