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Bespoke Mirror TV

Bespoke Mirror TV

Circle Mirror

Frame Your TV can create bespoke mirror TV’s to blend in and match your décor.

With a new technical director and a glass investment company that has invested in developing bespoke mirror solutions in Frame Your TV we can now offer the most complex and amazing bespoke mirror TV installations in the world!

If you are an architect, interior designer, AV installer or just someone that wants a bespoke mirror TV solution then we can do literally whatever you can imagine!

We can work with you from initial planning to installation. Everything is done in-house and installed by our own team of installers.

From floor to ceiling mirrors to special cut glass mirrors, to TV’s mirrors installed in bathrooms and saunas to printed glass frames.

Each bespoke application is unique to the type of glass chosen the size of the mirror and the installation required.

Please get in touch with us for any additional information you require or to get a quote for your requirements.

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